The pasuk in Parshas Vaeirah, after the makah (plague) of barad, states that the wheat and the spelt were not struck by the hail because they were plyable (Shmos 9:32.)

Barad - Hail

Vaeirah - Barad - a plant survives the hail

Why does the Torah place this apparently unrelated item at this juncture?

Because of the invaluable lesson that no matter what rains down on you from Shamayim (heaven,) the key to survival is flexibility.

Why is this lesson in the middle of the makos (plagues?) Because the plagues were to teach Paroh (Pharoh ) and the world that Hashem (God) is Boss.

The key to being flexible in the face of adversity (especially when it comes from another person,) is to know you are not the boss.

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