Torah Teachings is the publication of Torah teachings of Yerachmiel Isacowitz, a recognized Torah educator with a difference.

Yerachmiel has mastered an approach to teaching Torah that constantly seeks to deliver content in a creative way to impart deep and vast knowledge, frequently in subliminal ways that will catch the learner by surprise and teach learning skills through practice.

Having spent many years learning and training in Eretz Yisroel and Lakewood, New Jersey, Yerachmiel combines advanced, sophisticated learning with an eclectic, contemporary outlook.

Torah Teachings - beginning of Braishis

Torah Teaching in a Modern World

Our academic approach and human focus result in content that is relevant and thought provoking and our mission is to provide valid, contemporary knowledge from ancient sources with relevant, practical application.

Our education philosophy is to train students to achieve competence in and a love of Torah learning through learning facilitation - student-focused scaffolding based on dynamic level, rather than set curricula and lecturing.

We see the ultimate goal of Torah instruction as teaching the student how to apply their mind, personality and unique being to the learning, to form their own, original Torah persona.

We harness a combination of eclectic knowledge and experience, a love of Torah, learning, people and life, together with advanced pedagogy and language skills to extract the fruit of Torah and distil essential principles contained therein.

Our aim is to take interaction with our material to a greater dimension, from theory to practice from metaphysical to physical thus making the learning real and an essential part of the student's psyche. a unique opportunity to independently publish our Torah teachings worldwide. Our material affords access to profound Torah learning translated into accessible content for people already involved at the deepest level and those with little or no Torah learning experience.

Our learning modules are refined to be clear, concise and comprehensiveWe hope that you are inspired by the content of and apply our Torah learning to your own life and learning and/or as a catalyst for programs to facilitate the learning and well-being of others.

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