Talmud Torah 

And Talmud Torah corresponds to all...The Mishna (Peah 1:1) mentions a number of major mitzvos (commandments) and ends vetalmud Torah keneged kulam (and learning Torah is equal to/ corresponds to all.)

One way to understand this is that all mitzvos are contained in the Torah and can only be executed properly with Torah. Through educated mining of Torah sources one accesses the springs of wisdom from which the principles behind the mitzvot flow.

This is, in fact, the essence of Torah - the ability to distil fundamental principles of life through in-depth study.

Thus the name Torah, meaning instruction, alludes to the fact that Torah is our life teacher and source of answers to all our questions and Torah learning is the avenue of access.

Talmud Torah - Torah scrolls in a synagogue

Talmud Torah Instruction

Since everything in creation and all the spiritual worlds were created from the Torah, it fits that all life’s eventualities can be instructed through learningTorah.

Whilst the process of derivation takes intensive training, personal exertion and experience in learning, there is nothing in the universe and the Heavens that cannot potentially be understood through Torah as stated in the Mishna (Avos 5:22) Ben Bug Bug says: toil in it [Torah}… because everything is in it.

The individual that is great in Torah has developed his/her mind to the point where their thought is Torah.

Thus through the generations we have placed so much faith and responsibility in the Torah giants, to determine Torah concepts and thought and to advise us on all aspects of life from the simplest and most mundane issues of how to tie shoe laces to the most confounding questions of how people who do only good in this world can be made to suffer.

We have halacha (laws) and drasha (lore) that cover everything from waking up in the morning to how to treat animals, from male female relationships to connecting with God. They are all bound up in the Torah.

The learning modules in this section are examples of Torah concepts that illustrate how a thorough analysis of Torah can reveal understandings that are applicable to a vast array of life situations and knowledge areas.

  • Torah Portion of the Week – every week we read a section of the Written Torah. These portions connect to the particular spiritual season and contain infinite lessons.
  • Living Torah – The living Torah founds our modern day lives with timeless wisdom. A module on learning and education design, based on an ancient teaching.

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