Lessons Learned in Life and Torah Growth

Lessons learned in life are fundamental to Torah growth and an essential element of Torah learning. Torah was not given to maleachei hashareis (ministering angels.)

We are placed in a world of physicality, a world of doing, in order to refine our souls and prepare us for the world to come. Therefore, every eventuality and experience in the world is an opportunity for growth towards our ultimate purpose.

Lessons Learned in Life - completing a puzzle

When giving a bracha (blessing) for a baby we say leTorah, lechupa, ulemaasim tovim (to Torah, marriage and good deeds.) This blessing affirms that the ultimate realisation of this life is a combination of Torah and worldly activity.

The Rambam in Hilchot Teshuva (laws of repentance 2:1) states that the ultimate repentance is when the person is faced with the same situation in which they failed before and they now overcome the temptation.

The difference between school tests and life tests is that one doesn’t know when the latter are going to happen.

The greater a person is in their connection to Hashem (God) and His workings, the more their life experience is customised for them to attain higher goals and the more they recognise this and seize the opportunity.

So Avraham Avinu (our father) had 10 great tests through which he ultimately became the father of the Jewish people and the individual who, together with his wife Sarah, brought the world back to the understanding of One God which had been abandoned by the 10 generations between Noach and himself.

Lessons Learned in Life

If one is able to live their life applying this knowledge then every second becomes an opportunity for growth and refinement, every eventuality an opportunity to be grabbed and cherished as an opening to new worlds.

One can ultimately, through this understanding reach a level of never being disturbed by negative incidents.

With supreme human beings these lessons might come with the risk of life and limb as we see with Tamar in the book of Bereishis where she was prepared to allow herself to be put to death rather than reveal that Yehuda was the person through whom she had (legitimately) become pregnant.

Ultimately Tamar’s child was the forebear of Mashiach (the Messiah.)

Sometimes lessons learned in life can only be known to ourselves and God. They might come to us through situations that might too difficult to reveal to others. But, they are nonetheless valuable opportunities for growth if properly utilised.

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