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The Torah Explorer, Issue #005 --
September 19, 2016

Elul 5776


Welcome to this month's issue and some thoughts for the month.

One must be careful to read in the siddur, lest one read, for example, matir issurim (who permits forbidden things) rather than matir assurim (who unties the bound.)

Although strictly grammatically speaking the words could also be saying who permits prohibitions in which case the question returns why did the Chazal (Sages of blessed memory) use such ambiguous terms?

The shofar is surely the mitzvah most packed in allusions . There is an element to it which is tefilla (prayer) and thus it is part of the musaf service, there is an element that is the Voice of Heaven (u'beshofar gadol yitaka vekol Demama daka yishama - and the great shofar will blow and the thin voice of silence will be heard) and there is an element of Torah - rebuke.

Wishing you a kesiva vechasima tova (a good writing and sealing) Please look out for new and revised content on torahconcepts.

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