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The Torah Explorer, Issue #004 --
August 21, 2016

Av 5776


Welcome to this month's issue.

With the 3 weeks behind us we start to prepare for the next big event - Tishrei.

A couple of exciting insights for this month:

In last week's parsha, Vaeschanan, on the word Totafos (head tephillin) Rashi brings the Gemorah in Sanhedrin that this word is a combination of 2 languages, Caspi and Afriki.

If Torah is all Lashon Hakodesh (the Holy Language) how did this word get in?

Maybe when Hashem divided the world into 70 languages (after the Dor Haflaga - generation of the Tower of Bavel,) each language had bits of Lashon Hakodesh in it as did Caspi and Afriki.

Later we were referred to the Shlah Hakadosh in Klalei HaTalmud (14) who states this explicitly.

It is interesting to consider that the brisi Shalom (eternal covenant) of Pinchas for his zealousness (exacting consequences on Zimri,) had a stick element and not just reward.

Pinchas became Eliyahu Hanavi (Elijah the Prophet,) who had to deal so lightly with Achav's generation (Melachim 1:17-22) that he was rebuked for withholding rain, even though they were steeped in idol worship. As an aside, Achav was committing a similar sin with Izevel, as Zimri with Cosbi.

Maybe even the highest level of knaos (zealousness) requires tikun (fix.) ie only Hashem who is called Keil Kanoh - the zealous Almighty, can deal it in the right measure.

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