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Our material offers original Torah insights and practical application through the 3 c's of instruction: clear, concise and comprehensive (see Sifsei Chachomim; Bemidbar 1:13 - not confusing in speech and not overly verbose.)

Whilst all our content is sourced in original texts, we have distilled the learning to derive principles of living applicable across the gamut of contemporary life experience and knowledge.

As stated in Pirkei Avos (Ethics of the Fathers) … vehalomed al menas laasos maspikim beyado lilmod ulelamed lishmor velaasos - …and one who learns in order to do, will be afforded the opportunity to learn, to teach, to keep and to do. (Avos 4:5)

Torah Concepts - book, plants (symbolising growth,) compass and path (symbolising direction, sky (symbolising universal)

TorahConcepts will be of great value to you if you are:

  • interested in learning regardless of skill level
  • a personal development practitioner, self-help professional, relationship counsellor or social scientist seeking contemporary knowledge from ancient wisdom
  • an education design and implementation professional seeking inspiration in content creation or teaching methodology
  • interested in advancing yourself or others spiritually, emotionally and intellectually 

Clear, concise, comprehensive and relevant Torah Concepts

You will find in our material unique analyses of Torah concepts.

We have writings on education and instruction that cover Jewish-specific teaching but also education methodology and techniques applicable to all areas of learning philosophy, design and implementation (for example: Living Torah.)

Our Pillars of Judaism section deals with morals, ethics and ritual (for example: Moral Matters and Jewish Ethics)

Our Personal Development section deals with relationships, spirituality and life lessons (for example: Stages of a Relationship and Spiritual Education.)

Beliefs covers the Jewish calendar and Jewish practice, observance and philosophy (for example: Being Jewish)

Our content may be viewed as intellectual raw material that can be utilised as presented, or as catalysts for further insight and learning. 

At the top of the right hand column of each page, you will see meaningful quotes and sayings. These are bite-sized ideas that are insights within themselves and will hopefully also inspire you with thought to build on.

All non-quoted material is original thought or consolidated from integrated learning. We have endeavoured to be as accurate and specific about any quoted material used.

We hope that our content assists you to grow in learning, find wonderful tools for improving yours’ and the lives of others and most of all enjoy your learning experience.

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